Betafpv are offering some cool stickers. Since founded in 2017, a new wave of brushed whoop and brushless micros are growing, like Carbon fiber Drone HX100, Cinewhoop Drone Beta85X 4K 4S, Brushless Pro Series Beta85pro 2, Brushed Whoop Drone Beta65S and Beta65S Lite. Now you can show us how much you really love it. Sincere thanks Brent Goudie for such amazing desgins!

If you have any good ideas on what sort of fun stickers we should do in the future, please shoot me on our official email:

1 * HX100 Sticker (size: 75mm x 72mm)
1 * Beta85X with Betafpv Logo Sticker (size: 50mm x 75mm)
1 * Beta85X with Race Track Sticker (size: 50mm x 75mm)
1 * Beta75X Sticker (size: 75mm x 72mm)
1 * Beta65S Sticker (size: 75mm x 72mm)
1 * Beta65 Lite (size: 75mm x 72mm)
1 * BETAFPV Logo (size: 75mm x 15mm)