CinePick 120HD w/Baby Turtle Freestyle Drone FUTABA AC900 BLUE



This CinePick 120HD designed for HD 1080P recording without compromise freestyle flight experience, This thing absolutely screams and flies like a 5 inch!

The CinePick DeadCat layout allows for no props in view. With the 3-inch propeller power system, users have ensured a super great flying experience. Soft TPU material helps to protect the camera and antenna in the event of a crash.


- Lightweight frame that can take some hits

- No prop in view

- Powerful XING nano 1105 motor

- Full-size mount + TPU canopy; DIY is out!

CinePick 120HD Drone SPECS:

- BNF weight: 79.1grams

- Wheelbase: 120mm

- Bottom plate: 3K carbon fiber,3.5mm thickness

- Motor: XING nano 1105 4500KV

- Fc: SucceX whoop 12A AIO board

- Prop: HQ 3020

- Canopy:7.5g

- Caddx baby turtle HD cam

Recommended battery: (not included)

4S version: 4S 450mAh

Package Included:

-1 x CinePick 120HD FPV Frame Kit

-1 x CinePick canopy

-4 x TPU motor guard

-2 x HQProp T3X2 propeller(8pcs)