This is the HummingBird V1 Project Mockingbird edition BNF.

NewBeeDrone worked closely with Project Mockingbird on creating arguably the best BNF brushed Angle Racing Whoop in the world! Combining the power of Silverware flight software and Project Mockingbird's expert Angle tuning skills, there is no need for flashing, hooking up to a computer or tweaking settings. Just bind to your favorite radio, plug in a battery and start winning races today!

Please follow the instructions on the BeeLink USB Flasher page to update firmware.

Firmware for the PROJECT MOCKINGBIRD Hummingbird V1 can be found here!

HummingBird Flight controller specification:
The Hummingbird Flight controller features a built-in VTX with 1mw - 25mw switchable power as well as adjustable On Screen Display functions including changing of the VTX bands and channels.

Special thanks to Patrick Clarke (Mr. Mockingbird) & Silverware Developers Travis Schrock (NotFastEnuf) & Silver13

Radio Channel Mapping:

The channel mapping is critical for making your Hummingbird fly, some radios will have different mapping (ex: Taranis X9D is A.E.T.R., while Taranis QX7 is T.A.E.R. even though they are both FrSky Protocol) Depending on which Protocol your hummingbird has been flashed with, you will need to change the order on your radio as this is not editable on the hummingbird firmware. See the list below for proper channel mapping:

FrSky/Futaba Radios - A.E.T.R. (Aileron - Elevator - Throttle - Rudder)
Spektrum Radios - T.A.E.R. (Throttle - Aileron - Elevator - Rudder)

F031K6 Processor - Silverware Firmware
MPU6050 Gyro
4 x 30A Mosfets (Pulsed)
NewBeeDrone OSD (On Screen Display) & VTX Control
Built-in VTX 1mw - 25mw switchable power
Built-in Barometer
Battery Monitor
JST PH-2.0 Nectar Connector Power Lead
Programming Port Available
Custom tune by Mr.Mockingbird (Team Pilot Patrick Clarke)
Whats Included:
Hummingbird Flight Controller with on-board VTX
BeeEye Camera & V2 Canopy blue
Clear Cockroach Frame black
BDR Plaid Motors
Azi Tri-Blade Prop 0.8mm blue
Beeceiver V2 (FRSKY /FUTABA Switchable)