40mm 4-blade Micro Whoop Propellers ( 1.0mm Shaft )-Red



【40mm 4-blade Micro Whoop Propellers ( 1.0mm Shaft )】

Note: The BLUE color 40mm 4 blade propellers are off the shelf. You can choose its great alternative Gemfan's 4-blade propellers.

40mm-Blade props are an available alternative to the stock propellers for Inductrix FPV Plus, BETAFPV Beta75, Kingkong Tiny 7, etc.

The diameter is 40mm. This propeller could fit perfectly into a 75mm frame with 1.0mm shaft. Like Beta75 or Beta75S.

Recommended frames that could fit these props.
Beta75 Frame
Beta75S Frame
Beta75 Pro Frame
Beta75 Pro 2 Frame
Product material: Clear Plastic
Inner diameter: 1.0mm Shaft
Height: 7.2mm
Weight (2CW+2CCW): 1.00(g) = 0.035(oz)

2 * CW 4-blade 40mm Whoop Props
2 * CCW 4-blade 40mm Whoop Props