NewBeeDrone Mosquito BLV3 BNF



Mosquito SHINOBIと「忍」の表現があるように、まるで忍者の如くとにかく静かにフライトする1セルToothPickです。

The NewBeeDrone Mosquito is an open prop nano that uses 40mm whoop propellers. Perfect for outdoor park and yard flying, the Mosquito is a nano drone you definitely have to try!

Originally, the Mosquito frame was released as a standalone drop-in frame for the NewBeeDrone AcroBee65 and Hummingbird Pro BNFs. Due to popular demand, we've released the Mosquito as a BNF.

Why Go Open Prop?
Ducts are great for preventing accidental damage from crashing whoops. However, they add a lot of weight and drag, decreasing flight performance. The Mosquito has open props while still having the footprint of a 75mm whoop.